How to: Change User Picture Tile in Windows 8

The latest news is that the Windows 8 has decided to attribute Metro UI throughout the whole operating system. As the foremost leaked Windows 8 (build 7850) has not given that much information without doubt some news are coming that the Metro UI will be screening up in the future builds too.
There is a one such clue which will be found during the modification on your Windows 8 user account picture tile as from the under ‘My Look” settings. The narration on that window explains that
“Choose from available tiles: The picture which will be chosen by you as it emerge on your taskbar and symbolize you throughout Windows.” You can watch the word, ’tiles’ there.

The method to Change User Account Picture Tile
Here are few easy method explained in steps that how will you change the user account picture tile in Windows 8:
• Initially in the task bar "Click" on your user account picture tile .
• Then choose “My Look”.
• It will help to reach the
Control Panel > User Accounts and Family Safety > User Accounts > Your Look.
• Then peruse for own picture as for your user tile, or select the “Default Pictures”.
• Press "OK".in the result your new picture would be applied to the user tile in the taskbar.

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